Information For Librarians

Welcome, librarians! We appreciate your interest in InfoTech Spectrum: Iraqi Journal of Data Science (IJDS) and your dedication to facilitating access to scholarly research within your institution. Below, you will find helpful information about our journal:

1. Subscription and Access:

IJDS is an open-access journal, meaning all articles are freely accessible online to anyone, anywhere in the world. There are no subscription fees or access barriers, allowing researchers, academics, and the public to read, download, and share our content without restrictions.

2. Archiving and Indexing:

IJDS is committed to archiving published articles in reputable databases and indexes to enhance discoverability and accessibility. Librarians can find information about our indexing partners on our website.

3. Metadata and Cataloging:

Metadata for all published articles, including title, author(s), abstract, keywords, and publication date, are available for cataloging purposes. MARC records can be provided upon request to facilitate integration into library catalogs.

4. Institutional Repositories:

Authors retain copyright of their work and are encouraged to self-archive their accepted manuscripts in institutional repositories. Librarians can support this process by providing guidance to authors on repository policies and procedures.

5. Promotion and Outreach:

Librarians play a crucial role in promoting IJDS within their institutions and communities. We welcome your support in raising awareness about our journal and its contributions to the field of data science.

6. Collaboration Opportunities:

We are open to collaboration with libraries and library consortia on initiatives to enhance access to scholarly research and support open science principles. Please reach out to discuss potential partnerships or initiatives.

7. Feedback and Suggestions:

We value feedback from librarians and are continuously striving to improve our journal and services. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or inquiries you may have.

Authors are invited to submit their research to IJDS. We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions. 

Don't hesitate to contact the editorial team at [] for any inquiries.