Open Access Policy


InfoTech Spectrum: Iraqi Journal of Data Science (IJDS) is an open-access journal that provides unrestricted access to all published articles. Our commitment to open access ensures that:

  • Free Access: All articles published in IJDS are freely accessible to the global research community, scholars, practitioners, and the public without any subscription or access fees.
  • Author Retention: Authors retain the copyright of their work, granting IJDS the right to publish and distribute the article under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This allows others to share, adapt, and build upon the work with proper attribution.
  • Ethical Standards: Authors are expected to adhere to ethical standards, ensuring proper citation, avoiding plagiarism, and transparent reporting of research methodologies.
  • Peer Review Integrity: IJDS maintains a rigorous peer-review process to uphold the quality and validity of published research. The open access model does not compromise the peer-review standards.
  • Archiving and Indexing: Published articles are archived in reputable databases and indexes, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of research contributions.
  • No Publication Fees: IJDS does not charge any publication fees to authors, affirming our commitment to making scientific knowledge freely available without financial barriers.

Authors are invited to submit their research to IJDS. We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions. 

Don't hesitate to contact the editorial team at [] for any inquiries.